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Enjoy the Best Lake Fishing at Camp Ontario on Rainy Lake

If fishing is your favorite pastime, grab your rod and reel and head to Camp Ontario Fishing for some outstanding lake fishing. We sit in the center of the northern arm of Rainy Lake, situated on 25 acres atop High Rock Island. Doing business for over 50 years, Camp Ontario is open from June 1st to October 1st. If you are looking for beautiful scenery and outstanding fishing, then our rustic fishing camp is the perfect setting for you.

The north arm of Rainy Lake is an undiscovered fishing treasure of trophy bass, walleye, and northern pike. It is not uncommon that a day of fishing will often produce 5 lb. smallmouth bass, 10 lb. walleye, and 20 lb. northern pike. We can also provide portaging for guests who want to fish at one of the three nearby lakes. Our prices are very competitive — and we're centrally located for both Canadian and US fishers. Contact us now to schedule a stay.

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